How to hook up Russian girls: your very special tips

Russian girls as super lovers

Ever wanted a lover who would be sexy, brave, independent, smart and witty? Then Russian girls are for you! Eastern European dating and hookups are becoming more and more popular.

You probably know that Russian and Ukrainian girls are serving in the army. That characterizes their nature a lot. They manage to remain extremely attractive even there!

It’s probably because of their gorgeous smile and mesmerizing eyes. It’s hard to generalize Russian girls’ appearance but they often happen to have big eyes, sensual lips, wavy hair.

Usually, it is also a beautiful and charming face shape. Their eyebrows are naturally thick and beautiful too. Modern Russian girls tend to be very sportive, and in a good shape.

So their curvy figures are nicely compensated with a small waist. However, it isn’t always easy to win Russian girl. Do you know how to do that? Dating experts are sharing their knowledge.

As brave and independent personalities, they prefer strong and confident men, but family values are a must for them. Russian women are indeed very traditional and passionate.

They adore their family members, so it’s easier for them to accept a soft-natured man than a strong yet cold and indifferent man. First of all, they want him to be a good lover and a caring person.

That’s why finding a good Russian girl is almost a guarantee of good marriage. They are too strong to be totally dependent on men. It just isn’t their style! So men are safe with them.

In a relationship, Russian women can be different but they definitely aren’t spoiled like western girls. They are typically very caring, empathic, hard-working, ambitious, humorous, supportive.

In some way, they care a lot about their profit, but it’s more correct to say – about their family profit. It makes no sense for them to enjoy the money or other treasures alone.

They adore enjoying life together with a partner and relatives, much more than just with buddies. It’s easy to have friendship with benefits with them, but they always want smth bigger.


How Russian girls act if wedding. Although modern Russian women aren’t very religious, the majority of them are Orthodox Christians.
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They do want their man to share or at least accept this system of beliefs with them. When married, they like praying together and going to church on Sundays together.

But they are also respectful towards their man’s system of values and beliefs. Religion is just a part of their life, but they are also keen on sport, fitness, dance and whatever keeps them healthy.

They may lose this interest with years so it’s important than their man encourages and motivates them to keep on going with exercises. Russian girls are amazing cooks, too.

This trait is in their blood. They express their love with the help of cooking and they adore to eat well themselves. It particularly explains their nice curves, as Russian women are rarely skinny.

You just have to get used to the traditional food, but you are going to love it with time! Their food is somewhat similar to German and Bulgarian cuisine. They can learn new recipes as well.

Now you probably wonder how good they are in bed. Well, Russian girls are considered ones of the most passionate women on Earth. It’s not always easy to catch up with them!

You probably won’t need any extra lovers if you date a Russian girl. Almost all of them are multiorgasmic and imaginative in a bed. There are no boundaries or taboos for them.

Despite of being conservative regarding marriage and family, they are naturally open towards any experiments with their beloved partner including bisexual adventures.

We already see how you are running to buy airline tickets to Moscow or St. Petersburg! Yes, such a combination of classical values and open-mindedness is smoking hot.


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What they expect from a man

Russian women are fairly flexible in a marriage. They love things for themselves, but they manage not to be egocentric. They enjoy their man massaging them and taking initiative in sex.

But their own initiative is even more pleasant to them. They even can be the main provider of the family for a certain period of time if it’s not the right moment in their man’s life.

Therefore, Russian girls are very giving and sacrificing when needed. Russian women are also compromising in such things as hobbies and lifestyle. They got used to such compromises.

If it isn’t their main vocation they can’t live without, they will not argue because of particular kind of sport or hobby. They will rather accept and share their husband’s hobby.

They may also respect him more for participating in charity and social life. Since Russian people are dedicated to their families, it’s typical for them to remain very close with their parents.

But Russian girls aren’t as attached to their mothers as some spoiled American or European princesses. They are rather their dads’ daughters, but not because they’re immature or helpless.

Quite the opposite, their father have all reasons to be proud of them. It will be a great bonus for you if you make her dad like you! Your Russian bride or wife will love you to death.

But what is more important, Russian girl will always respect her man’s parents and become best friends with his mom. She really cares about this older generation and covers their needs.

It may sound too unbelievable: an open-minded lover for you, a faithful mother and wife, and a good daughter-in-law for your parents right? But it becomes a reality when you start dating a Russian girl!


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Some critics about Russian women

We aren’t saying Russian girls are made of honey and kisses only. No, you should know their flaws in advance too, but you should also know how to deal with them and turn them into the pros!

Sometimes Russian girls follow their traditions too much and are literally adsorbed by their culture. Solution: let it be, and they’ll thank you with the utmost loyalty.

Russian women like staying within their little micro-society, meaning their best female friends, cousins and some other female relatives, maybe also one or two gay dudes.

This awesome company will follow them everywhere, from parks and sauna to concerts and bar toilets. On one hand, it’s useful for you since you can focus on your work or your male friends.

On another hand, your privacy and romantic moments might be interrupted. Solution: make kids. Same people will come almost every day to pamper the babies and shower them with the gifts.

But since Russian women are very devoted and jealous moms, she will start limiting their visits bit by bit. Solution without kids: absent. Just accept her as she is and try to enjoy.

You must be really flexible regarding food as she will be making always the same set of dishes and exactly in a way her mother was making it. It has been like that for centuries.

good Russian girl

Ok it’s tasty, but you are getting tired of it if it’s same everyday and on every special occasion. Solution: take her to restaurants more often, or cook something by yourself.

Maybe she started to complain about headache each time you want intimacy. It can happen after the child’s birth, after some stress at her work, or because she is secretly offended.

Solution: turn more romantic. You remember, that there is a true volcano inside of Russian mail order brides, plus, they are extremely sentimental. It affects their sexuality, too.

If you create the right situation and find the right words to remind to her about your acquaintance or the honey moon, she will not remain indifferent. You’ll get your Mrs. Passion back!

Russian women prefer to start dating at early age. It’s easy to find Russian lovers as they are searching for you too. Just start today and you will never regret your decision!