Review on VictoriaHearts from the users and experts

First impression

The site’s main page is modern but classical at the same time. There’s a romantic layout depicting a couple on a beach, a typical registration field, guarantees of the quality.
There is also About us section, and a gallery of the most attractive female and male members, mostly photographed among nature. It creates a nice atmosphere from the beginning.

Women profiles quality

Female profiles are of good quality, very clear and not overly edited. Women mostly look very natural and fresh, more like a bride type than a lover type. It creates a good feeling.
Many photos are non-professional but women are attractive, still. Their age is mostly between 25 and 35. On one side, it’s a commercial age, but on another side, it’s the most appealing.

Pros and cons

VictoriaHearts offers very basic and classical features only, but an intuitive interface and a vast database of real users make it worthy of singles’ attention. It makes it easy to use.
The site isn’t really innovative and no real-time dates or events are arranged by the owners, but many meetings and overall success stories take place. It’s also inexpensive: only $9.99 a month.

Phone app version

The mobile app is available for Android and soon for iPhone, however it’s less popular than a desktop version. It has a stylish logo, attracts with beautiful girls profiles, and is very user-friendly.

Users’ opinions

"I have mixed feelings after using this dating site. Probably it isn’t for me. I hoped to find a gorgeous Russian girl there as it promises but a few ladies who responded, were Russian-speaking.
So we could not find a way to translate quickly. It sucks. In general, only 3 or 4 replied to me for 1 month of sending Likes to each and any, is it normal? I had a good profile photo and was polite.
I also had a detailed self-description so there wasn’t any problem. I assume that I simply wasted my time there. The price is average like everywhere, but the outcome is minimal.” (Robert, Brisbane)
"I liked this site and I would say it’s ok. It doesn’t harvest the stars from the sky but it isn’t dead either. I often communicate with the girls through it and I was lucky to go on a date twice.
However, my older brother wasn’t lucky with it at all. He said he detected some fakes and scammers. So I guess it depends. And surely, it isn’t the most pleasant thing that you have to pay.
victoria review
There are lots of free dating sites that give the same or better result. I think it doesn’t keep up with all those competitors. I keep my subscription for now and then we will see.” (Lloyd, Boston)
"Honestly, VictoriaHearts is a total disappointment to me. I look nice and speak English so I hoped to meet a cool western guy through it but it works with so many bugs and obstacles.
The basic features aren’t enough to use it with the outmost effect, and by the way, what about thousands of success stories the developers talk about? Where to read about them?
Nothing is clear with this site, I see many profiles but cannot get in touch with most people, it’s one big mistake or a joke. I hope it will be improved soon otherwise it makes no sense.” (Darina, Kiev)
"I am really thankful to the developer for this site. VictoriaHearts is awesome. I have no problems to find casual partners there. I got used to it very quickly, even addicted.
I personally don’t care about staying anonymous but I believe this option is important for many. I would also appreciate such an anonymity if, let’s say, my daughter was using it.
VictoriaHearts is decent and protective in so many ways. I can say I’m loving it. All western men who I met through it, were also happy about its quality. Well done!” (Olga, Miami)
"VictoriaHearts works well for my secret desires, that’s true. I am having as many affairs as I like, with Eastern European chicks, and never any problem. I find it perfect for modern people.
If they reject the conservative way of life and choose to feel its diversity every evening or at least every weekend. There are some serious-minded users as well, of course, but not too many.
In short: use this dating site and you won’t regret. It is worthy of every penny we pay – and you hear this from a person who used to download only free sites in the past. It’s cool here!!” (David, Seattle)


VictoriaHearts is a controversial platform that didn’t really find its target audience. Although it presents itself as a multi-million platform with lots of success stories, it isn’t confirmed by reviews.
They report the site is often silent like there aren’t many real members. It’s hard to end at the point of success story when there isn’t even much activity online. So it is controversial.
It’s also reported that the site isn’t improved enough technically. It can crush any time or work slowly, it shows errors while registering and the features aren’t really understandable.
victoria hearts
So it cannot be called user-friendly. Many users ask to improve the interface, add necessary functions etc. It would be nice if the developers at least took their requests into consideration.
Due to all these complications, Russian audience finds it much easier to use Mamba or Loveplanet app, while English-speaking clients cannot hunt for Russian brides on a full volume.
Mostly because of the language issue (no automatic translation provided in the chats) and non-modern, non-convenient features. The question arises, for whom was created VictoriaHearts?
If developers wanted to launch a commercial application that would bring them money, they could put more efforts and more thought into their product. However, VictoriaHearts can be recommended.
There’s no commercial interest between participants though. Girls do not seek sugar daddies and handsome guys do not seek generous cougars, as more as Slavic women do not specialize in this.
There aren’t professional webcam girls or prostitutes either. It’s a rather legit site with real users, average busy people from big cities who need some well-deserved relax for the vacation time.
VictoriaHearts could be a good solution for finding a mate but there’s something lacking. After analysing of many reviews, we discovered it isn’t completely useless or senseless.
victoria review singles
But it never brings serious relationships for sure. The majority of good reviews are coming from men who indeed met a few girls through this site. But those were just friendly or casual meetings.
Girls also admit they can always find some real persons online when they’re bored or lonely. Long chats can be frank and intimate or friendly and flirting but they always help. It’s also a good side.
However, it isn’t noticed that VictoriaHearts is good and useful for hookups or prolonged romantic relationships. Men aren’t as satisfied with the site as women when they want fun.
They report a certain number of fake female profiles, trashy commercial profiles of buy-me girls, the absence of replies, some scammers who are always online, and an automatic withdrawals.
Although VictoriaHearts remains popular among westerners, due to its colourful design and certain communication activity, some flaws don’t allow us to rate it very high.
First of all, even if the developers and some of the users weren’t getting the profit from this site’s work, we would need to admit the difficulties with precise geolocation.
It either doesn’t work properly or doesn’t give any normal options because the database of members isn’t very big on VictoriaHearts. One has to rely on the city title indicated in one’s profile.
Users from bigger cities, naturally, have more chances to quickly find a match. We would rather keep from recommending it to late teens or very young folks who have no experience.
In general, the site is just fine and we rate it high enough. As a summary, we would recommend it to any users worldwide from 25 to 65 y.o. who need either a mate or a casual partner.