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What will happen after you sign up at
1. Understanding the possibilities and service
Romanticdatingonline is a unique and very easy to use service. For the start, you should fill the form that will help our support understand your preferences and thing that you like in women. This information will help our moderators to match you with a gorgeous Russian girl.
2. Prices and registration fee
The registration is free, so any man that wishes to join can do it in just few minutes. The prices are very low compared to other dating sites. You pay only for additional services like gifts, flowers or to read the reply from the girl you sent your message.
3. Age restriction
There is no age restriction on the site. If you are 60 years old but you feel yourself as a 20 years old, why you must follow some imaginary restrictions? All people are welcomed here and it is even better if you do that because women want serious and long relationships with a young guy or a man that is experienced in life and in other things as well, and can please their desires.
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